2 for 1 cinema code?

Found 26th Apr
Hey guys, sorry to be asking like this, but I was wondering if a kind soul could give me a 2 for 1 cinema code (meerkat)? Need one for Tuesday 1st May, if possible. Would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

P.S. Can you use these codes to buy tickets online via Showcase Cinemas?
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There only for the odeon cinema !
Op, if you still want a code, try asking on the dedicated Meerkat Movie thread. Plenty of offers of codes by fellow members.
Sent code via PM
melomanias31 m ago

Sent code via PM

Thank you SO much, next time a code of sorts I'll be posting it your way, you absolute LEGEND!
Thank you, that’s really sweet but don’t feel obliged. I’ve received codes from other HUKD members before, so whenever possible I like to give back to the community, that’s all.
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