2 free tickets to Plan B in Edinburgh - and the winner is..................

    I applied for the above tickets on a whim but didn't really think I would win any! Well...I did. It's at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh on 14th November 2010. I can't go so am offering the tickets to anyone who wants them. You need to turn up before 8.30pm. Photographic id required to prove age. Tickets may be in my name but you resourceful lot can bypass that. I have read nothing about them not being transferable

    All I ask is a small sum of £2.25 to cover the booking fee payable via PPG. I will then email the winner the tickets. I say the winner because I think more than one person might be interested in this. All those interested, please let me know in this thread then I will pick a number at random and that person gets to see this amazing guy!

    I have checked that I can do this with Admin and the fs/ft mods know that I am doing this in Misc and I have their blessing to ask for the booking fee.

    I really wish I could go but too far for me to travel.



    Count me in

    me too. thanks.

    nice one Fern, too far for me but nice gesture

    Original Poster

    I don't like things going to waste so if someone can get any use from anything I don't want or can't use myself, I am happy. It was too good an opportunity to miss so someone on here is in for a treat.

    yus please. thanks!

    I know someone who would appreciate this. put my name in please.


    would love to go if it wasnt so far. good of you anyway

    Original Poster

    anyone else interested?


    Indeed yes please !!

    Count me in, thanks alot.

    Original Poster

    anyone else....will be picking winner in the morning x

    sorry but not going to be able to make it now, thanks anyways

    Count me in, cheers...

    count me in thanks would love to go

    Original Poster

    last chance before I pick someone at random at 8am

    Original Poster

    The lucky person going to the Plan B concert is........

    CIVMS47!!!!! Well done.

    Pm on it's way.


    The lucky person going to the Plan B concert is........CIVMS47!!!!! Well … The lucky person going to the Plan B concert is........CIVMS47!!!!! Well done.Pm on it's way.

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