2 games for £60 or around that price

hey I'm looking for call of duty 4 and naruto (for the 360) but in the 2 for £60 range in shops but i can't seem to find any shops doing this deal any more can some 1 help me locate a descent price if i buy both of these games together.



Don't know if it helps but Naruto is £29.99 at ]Amazon on preorder.

You can get both these games at Gameplay ]click COD4 is £39.99 and Naruto is £29.99.Gameplay offer 11% quidco so with this should bring it in around £62.28

At Play.com]click COD4 is £39.99 and Naruto ]click is £32.99.

There is a £5 off £50 spend at Play voucher(prima836u1) which brings it down to £67.98 plus a further 2% quidco.

With Play you guarantee more discount,not just relying on quidco tracking,but Gameplay if quidco tracks is better deal.

Game has COD 4 for £39.99 but has a ]voucher for £5 of £30.00 spend starting 1st nov.

So Amazon for Naruto and Game for COD 4 would be about £65 total.

Plus if Game honour Quidco while using a code that means another £3.85 off £35 or £4.39 off £39.99 depending when they calculate (before or after voucher).

Ignore the above!!!!!!!

Right........Game have a voucher for £5 off a minimum £30 spend starting tomorrow(1st Nov) ]http//ww…791

Naruto is £32.99 and COD4 is £39.99.I understand from the above thread that there is no limit on how often this code can be used,so if you do 2 orders you will get Naruto for £27.99 and COD4 for £34.99.You will also get 11% quidco on the price ex vat which I calculate to be around £9.45.

So with cashback and discounts that comes in at £53.53 for both games!


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sweet thanks people for the really fast reply to my post i will check them out and i might even buy another game while im at it

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just thought id update game is doing an offer so that when you buy any game you can get virtual fighter 5 for £20

just go to currys i believe they had deal for any 2 games for £60, but not sure.

Both are likely to be region free (Activision and Ubisoft are their respective publishers, both of whom have made all their games region free except for one ubisoft title), so you're could play-asia them if you're interested in that route. Probably about $100 shipped to Britain, so about £48.
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