2 interesting things happening in our skies Tonight and Tuesday Morning!

Call me a sado but I love this sort of stuff. Just letting you all know that 2 interesting things are going to happen in our skies on the nights of the 3rd/4th Jan.

1. On Monday night 3rd (tonight) we are having a Quadrantid meteor shower. From midnight onwards you will be able to see meteor showers. Up to 120 an hour!

2. Then on Tuesday morning 4th there is a partial eclipse of the sun. Rising from the south east around 08:10am you will be able to see it.


Ok seen as you insist......

Youre a sado!

Thanks for the reminder. Will you be watching the bbc2 show? stargazing live (or something similar)?

Gonna try to find a high hill to see it from. Thanks

Interesting Ty

i'll be out looking

Well post Photos for us guys who will be Sleeping Tonight when it happens :-)

Yep.Thanks for the reminder.

thanks, i have been waiting for this since last month when it happened then. I love astronomies!!!

cool love stuff like this, thanks for sharing..

hope i can stay awake til then unless someone wants to call me to wake me up? I was gutted that I spent weeks at the North Pole and didn't see any Northern lights but I did see the real santas and their post office with elves!
Shame they didn't understand all the explicit letters in English to Santa, I had to throw loads in fire as they were on show for kiddies to read!!!!

be aware if you stare to long at this eclipse it will damage your eye sight so be aware this is true if you dont think so please check it out
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