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    I'm uisng mp3tag to change the tags on my songs but there doesn't seem to be a refresh in itunes? Do I have to delete everything from my library and drop it all on again?I thought it would just notice the new tags then resync with the ipod?

    Also when I connect my ipod via usb to the PC I loose my internet connection which is a wireless usb adapter, Just wondered if anyone else had this problem? I might just give it to my mom & install a proper wireless card - I have one round here somewhere.



    Make sure you are 'editing' the files within your iTunes Music Folder.

    As far as the USB Modem, you may find its a confliction with Windows Auto detect hardware and its confusing your modem to reboot.

    USB modems are a waste of space and should be outlawed, get yourself and Wireless Modem Router and joyfully smash your USB Modem.

    sorry - not a master of itunes :-(
    but why not edit the ID3 tags from the source (i.e. permanently), then you won't have to mess with them when transfering to itunes. I have been very happy with (free version works fine) for both converting and editing the tags - all you do is r-click on your music file and fill in info
    (you'll need to download each codecs, which are free from the website, in order to convert different formats (flac, shn, wav)


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    I am editing them in c:\media\music\audio which is where all my music has been for years, thats the folder I dropped into itunes does it then copy the files somewhere else? It didn't seem to take up any more diskspace so I thought it was just looking in that folder.

    Sorry I don't think I explained the internet connection very well - it's a wireless modem but in my PC I have a usb wireless adapter, in my old PC I have a wireless PCI card so I might have to transfer that if they are conflicting.

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    bah - thought so - how dull - itunes really is pretty pants innit.

    I didn't edit them in itues because it's easier & quicker using programs like mp3tag which has loads of useful features. I've only had the ipod for about a week (I know I've been a bit slow!) and I really do like it a lot but itunes is soooooo fustrating - I've seen much better freeware software!

    Thanks for the answers anyhow - I'll drop the folder back on again.


    iTunes keeps its files in its own place, so its likely you have converted the tags on the originals not the iTunes files.

    Search for the iTunes folder, with the music in, I forget where its kept on a PC.

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    I've deleted them from the library now & readded them but I still don't quite get it.

    The only files I found in the itunes folder were about 3 albums which it had to convert to another format to be able to play and I have about 30gb worth of music so I would have noticed if it had copied the lot somewhere else cuz my disk space would have gone down by 30gb.

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