2 kids bikes needed for christmas

    Het All, I have been looking everywhere for 2 kids bikes for my kids xmas but with no luck, can anyone help me out plz, need one for my 7 year old son and one for my 6 year old daughter, budget is around £60 each.

    Thanks for any help with this.



    i would take them to toysus or halfords if you dont know the size you need? it will be easier then to help you?
    amazon have 16inch boys and girls £60

    loads at toyrus in your budget too x


    I would have to agree, Toys R Us are pretty good, got my 2 girls bilkes in their last year and the added bonus is that they will build them for you. (great especially if they have gears)

    You should maybe have a wee look instore at tesco too, I'm sure I seen some decent looking boys bikes in their lately (think it was £60), sorry I have no more details than that.
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    local bike shop near me sold me bikes for my kids few yeats ago after i was let down xmas eve by them cheaper there and they assembled xmas eve for me so worth a look locally too-even ask can they do a deal for two?

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    Thanks guys for your help, i will give them a try and see what turns up, kids bikes seems to be expensive that's why i was hoping to see some good deals online but can't find anything, i remember last year when i wasn't looking for bikes i seen ones in tesco or asda for £25 i think but the cheapest i seen in asda was £80 i think but that was a few months ago.
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