2 last questions about sat nav

    Does anyone know, if i get the navman s80 deluxe, can i get the latest up to date maps for free but then how much is it in a year or so.
    it has the traffic thing on it, does anyone know if that is a lifetime free subscription or just 12 months
    Please i wont ask anymore questions about it again


    If you google ipmart, there is plenty of sat nav stuff on the forums there.

    Why a navman, what's wrong with the ]Navigo?

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    I wanted the traffic info as whenever we have been with a sat nav and there has been a diversion the sat nav hasnt been able to sort it

    Never had traffic info as such, but tomtom software seens to calculate an alternative without a problem imo

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    the other day we went towards Newark and there were road works but tom tom (that we had borrowed) could not re route without bringing us back onto the road that we couldnt go down and so we had to go around again

    Stuff it, i ordered the Navigo v2 from ebuyer in the end with a new sd card to get free delivery, i kow there were suggestions to buy a case to make up the order but i was hoping to get a leather one that will fit
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