2 man pop up tent with porch for cheap!

Found 18th Jun 2010
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a pop up tent with a porch and 2000 hydrostatic head for under £50 ideally.

If need be, I would have a regular 'put together' tent instead of a pop up one, if the price is better! but porch area, weight and hydrostatic are the main criteria!

also 3 man would be fine if it doesn't weigh a lot more :-)
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skusey - that tent is great however it doesn't have a porch

muckyangel - thanks for the suggestions - I think the lichfield one looks best as it is 2000 hydrostatic head, and the cheaper option is only 1500

never thought about looking at halfords!
A 3 man would be better i would think. My sons regularly sleep in our 3 man one in the garden. It gives them room at the side to put a few belonging like a bag. I would imagine a 2 man might be very cramped for 2 adults. Guess it depends what you use it for.
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