2 Minute draw

    Dont know if anyone has ever seen these at the airport on the way home after a nice sunny holiday, they get all your details with the promise of being put in a free prize draw for another holiday.
    Anyway, my wife just got a call and surprise surprise we have won a holiday!
    They have given a free phone number to sort it all out.....
    only thing is im quite doubtful about it, has anyone else had experience of this company before i waste my time phoning them, im fairly sure its a scam, but has anyone actually ever won anything from them or heard of them????
    Any feedback greatly appreciated


    No such things as a free lunch redmanc !!


    Scam Scam scam... Sounds kinda similar to the scratch card swindle…I9s

    whats the company called?

    Original Poster

    2 minute draw -

    if its extra weeks or bonus weeks DONT

    You've won a cruise to the mediteranian or a holiday in France. Congratulations. Only thing is you need to buy these 4 flights, at the time and price we state, and pay £XXX upfront for transfers and booking fee, but once you get there, its free, honestly :whistling:

    Its a (data harvesting) scam. Are you sure the number is freephone?

    sounds like timeshare or buy points for weeks etc. give it a miss!

    Sounds like the timeshare scam.

    This says it all:

    Privacy and Data Processing 2minuteDraw (2MD) acknowledges the … Privacy and Data Processing 2minuteDraw (2MD) acknowledges the importance of privacy of personal data collected about the users of this Web site ("You" and "Your"). Examples of such personal information ("Data") include name, address, telephone number, employment status, credit card type and other financial information. • Purpose: Our purpose in collecting and using Data is to balance our legitimate business interests with Your reasonable expectations of privacy. Your Data enables 2MD and affiliated companies to advertise efficiently, using communication methods more likely to reach those who will be interested in the products and/or services offered. • Data Collected: Your Data enables 2MD to request customer feedback, develop and tailor products and services to better meet Your needs and preferences, and to offer you products from our sponsors and other sources that may be of interest. • 2MD will: Include Data about You gathered from other sources we believe to be reliable to identify You more thoroughly; contact You to inquire about Your experience as a member and/or determine the improvements needed to attract additional business from You; create, use and aggregate Data. • 2MD collects: Data only in a manner deemed reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes and comply with our legal obligations. We make commercially reasonable efforts to make our collection of such Data consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. We take all commercially reasonable efforts to create and maintain "fire walls" and other appropriate safeguards to ensure that to the extent 2MD controls the Data, the Data is used only as authorised by 2MD and consistent with this Policy, and that the Data is not improperly altered or destroyed. Our privacy protection practices help us to maintain accurate, timely, complete and relevant Data for our business purposes. • 2MD will not: Sell or rent your names and addresses to parties outside of 2MD, its sponsorsand affiliated companies without your consent; act as a consumer-reporting agency, or furnish Data about Your creditworthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living to any consumer-reporting agency.• Transactions: When You contact 2MD, 2MD may require certain information such as name, address and telephone number to respond to the inquiry. A credit card number may be necessary to complete certain transactions. Data collected as part of the transaction process is used as this Policy describes. • Opt-Out: On occasions, we are made aware of companies and organizations that produce a product or service that we believe may be of interest to You. We see this as a useful means of helping You to find products or services that may be of value to you. We offer You the opportunity to "opt-out" of having Data shared with parties outside of 2MD and its sponsors and affiliated companies. In addition, we provide You the opportunity to request to be removed from one or more of our mailing lists. If You wish to do so write to 2MD at Regent’s Place, 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BT.• Sensitive Data: If you provide 2MD with Data, which we recognise as particularly "sensitive," we will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to protect that Data with extra care. To the extent we collect Data about children, we will collect such Data from parents or, in the limited instances where children themselves provide such Data, we take all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that parents are aware of and authorise such collection. • E-mail and Mobile Phone: Unless you have asked not to be put on our mailing lists, we may contact you via e-mail or mobile phone from time to time. You will always be provided with a way to opt-out of future e-mailings. Our site sometimes includes special sweepstakes or promotions, and we may allow electronic entry to qualified persons. If that happens, we will use the Data you submit for the purpose of conducting the promotion (e.g., to contact you if you are a winner).

    Basically they will offer you a 'prize' that is financially not worth the bother whilst collecting your personal data and selling it on to relevant companies ;-)

    :)tell them to keep it we had same thing at alicante airport its a time share caper

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys,wont be returning the call

    yea my old man fell for these abroad and it was a stupid timeshare scan, just liek those week holidays to certain places sold on ebay for £50 there just timeshare scams

    checked them out for you - my advice is stay away form it.

    Or given them a call if its freephone then half way through tell them someones at the door and you'll be right back...........then see how long they hang on for by checking silently..............thatll teach them!
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