£2 off some CD's at 2 chances- 1st to claim can have them!

    Not sure if this is in the right section so any mods can feel free to move it if they wish.

    Being the good-looking dude that I am. I bought 2 packs of shockwaves hair-gel in boots today.

    They came in special promo-boxes with a code inside- it says if you visit…ves & enter the code, you get £2 or 3e ( for Ireland) off a selection of about 40 cd albums.

    Now each code is usable only once & I've had a look at the cd's & although there are some good ones there, I have either already got them or don't want them.

    So no fighting over them & REMEMBER each code is usable only once so it might be helpful if you are successful then posting on here that you have used them to stop other HUKD members from wasting their time.

    Here goes:



    Hope someone finds them useful, and by the way, not sure if quidco thingy will work as well but worth a try!




    Thanks Colin...used the first code and ordered X - Kylie Minogue (CD) for £3.00, thanks again ...cheers.

    Original Poster

    My pleasure.

    For some reason Colin I had imagined you as a Mr Baldy man!! Well, shaved at least!

    Original Poster

    No- got my full 'ed but with a few grey uns here an there!

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