2 PS3s in same house..can I have same account for each?

    I have bought myself a new slim PS3 and gave my son my old phat one which has 320gb on it. Can we share the same user ID so we can download items onto both and play at the same time online etc?

    What are my options? He wants my old one as it has all his LBP downloads/add ons etc

    Thanks in advance


    You can have the same ID on both and download the same content (up to 5 different machines) as i used to have 3 machines in the house. BUT ive never played online with them at the same time so cant comment on that. I would suspect a no though as in theory it wouldnt work.

    What i used to do is have my account installed on all machines. By using that account i could download whatever i had purchased from the store and install on that specific machine. As long as you have the account that was used to purchase the item then all other users can play it (unless they are setup as a child account of course). On my two nippers machines they had the primary logon and my account was just there to log on to when needed for this.

    you can but cant both be signed in at same time, i know from experience
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