2 Psn accounts 1 ps4

    Got a ps4 a few days ago which already had a psn plus account with 10 months still left on it, rather than waste it I decided to bare with the name thats on it and use it.

    I wanted to purchase something off PSN store, then realised my old ps3/psn account still has credit on.

    So can I setup a new user on the ps4. sign into my old PSN account, buy what I need for the ps4 then sign out and sign back into the original account and use the content I purchased using the other PSN account?


    Yes you can - works like that on PS3.

    I know on the PS3 that works, I would've thought the PS4 would work the same tbh.

    I know the only thing that definitely doesn't allow multiple accounts is the Vita.

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    thanks will give it a whirl later

    Yeah this will work, have a similar thing with me and my brother having accounts on mine. The one ps+ sub covers every account on that machine. Just make sure, as a failsafe, to go into your settings on the account with the sub and select the option along the lines of 'make this my active console'. Sorry I can't be more specific but my ps4 is sat at home.

    yeah this definitely works as I have a couple of accounts on mine

    yes it works.
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