2 Questions about Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii. Could somebody please help?

    I heard that its free to get extra songs for this game but also heard that you need to use Wii points, does anybody know which it is? Also can the guitar be used for both right and left handed people?


    Some songs are free to download but most songs cost 200 wii points each.

    The guitar can be used both left and right handed though i believe would be very slightly harder for left handers just because of where the whammy bar is place.

    Actually the whammys not that bad for lefties, a bit unconventional but not really a problem (still prefer playing right handed anyway though...)

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    Thanks guys, have some rep.

    The newer guitar's whammy is better than the older one for lefties such as myself.

    I've downloaded a few of the free songs, not great, but gives a little more life when you've finished everything.
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