2 questions about postoffice and O2 and quidco - help!

    Hi Guys,
    Ive ordered line rental from the postoffice due to the price, free calls and quidco.
    BUT...the website wouldnt accept my number so i had to sign up via phone
    Obv quidco cant track a call, BUT can i submit a tracking request or anything as i have a reference number/order number to confirm they can still claim the cashback??

    Also with O2 broadband, if i use my sisters o2 mobile number can i sign up? or if i get a new sim can i sign up (without having to keep topping it up)?? is this possible? i want the £10/mo price



    Post office? No you cant do that.

    O2 broadband so long as she doesnt have the number attached to a broadband deal then you will be ok, we used my number that was still registered to our old address but the broadband was in my partners name.

    If you want to register a new sim then you need to top up £10 to activate it, and top up every three month, we got some sims last week from ebay though with £10 credit already on for £3.49 to use in our six year olds phone, the first top up doesnt need to be done until just before the end of your 3 month period and they send you reminders via text/email to remind you if you need to top up.

    sims ]http//ti…5v
    [COLOR=Black](one came with £10.12 the other £9.96 as they make a test call to check its activated ok.)
    [/COLOR]There is nothing in theory using these instead of top-ups just change your associated number every three months.

    You definately won't be entitled to quidco for the post office sign up,you did it over the phone,it has to be completed solely online through quidco

    Original Poster

    I had to do it via phone as the website didnt accept my phone number ahh well...
    Still get a good deal with the free weekend calls to mobiles and landlines
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