* 2 Questions* help buying a new lcd television *plus* argos refund


    Evening all, i have had a bush 26" television for under a year from argos, when i first bought it , it made a weird buzzing noise through the speakers, if i muted the sound it went away so im thinking it must have been something to do with the speakers.

    Anyway recently it has been getting worse by the days, so phoned up Argos last Wednesday and they arranged for an enginner to come and look at it today. The man was to come between 1-6, i received a phone call at around 1.30 telling me that the parts he needed he didnt have, he then said i could get a new one from argos instead and that he would phone me back tommorow with a number to go pick it up.

    I got a phone call at around 3 from argos customer service i think and assumed it was about going to pick up my new television however turns out though that they dont make this specific model anymore, so i had the choice of another model or a refund. I initially just wanted to pick a new model , but the man who phoned me from the customer service wouldnt phone me back once i had browsed them online to view specifications etc as he said they where on a backlog because of the snow, so i just asked for a refund then. So we arranged a pick up time of Monday between 12-6 for pickup and after this it would take 5 days to refund my money to my card as thats what a paid with. So here comes my questions and apoligize for the essay


    1. I'm looking for help to select a new model.

    Whats good at the moment ? I would be going back to Bush thats for sure.
    Any really good deals you would recommend ?
    Got a budget of around £250 max for a 19"-26" television
    Not too fussed on size as room is really small

    2. Is the time limit given to me by argos a deadline, or can the refund take longer/sooner than the 5 days? Also itss 5 days from when they pick up the television. Anyone know if its 5 days from the day of pickup, or 5 days from when they receive goods in there wherehouse or what ?


    Takes 3 - 5 days for a refund to go back on your card. Sometimes can be quicker, depends when they action it. It wil from when they receive it back at their warehouse

    I would say spend an extra £50 and get a decent 32".…tml

    they have a few cheap?

    i think it will be back on your card sooner they just allow 3-5days

    oh this tv has a 5year warranty fo £36 too

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    I would say spend an extra £50 and get a decent 32".

    Rooms really small though, and i think big televisions look horrible in a small room.

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    this is a good … this is a good price

    This one seems interesting, going to read a few reviews on it.

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    plumberman01;7531686 … have a few cheap?i think it will be back on your card sooner they just allow 3-5daysoh this tv has a 5year warranty fo £36 too

    Funnily enough , i was looking at this one from argos, theres is £239.99 and thats it reduced from £299.99

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    Looking at either…844 OR…als . Cant decide between the both though, anyone got any comments on any of these models ?

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