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2 seals? One seal covering a broken one - Samsung

Posted 12th Sep 2013
Hi guys,

I just recently bought a Samsung galaxy S4 mini from eBay for someone's birthday which still is not the time.

I looked carefully at the seal on the package and it has two. I can sort of see a seal which is broken under the non-broken seal.

The top seal is a legit seal as I am comparing it with another phone with the same seal (yes, I bought one for myself too lol)

But I was wondering, can companies do that? I can't imagine someone with 18 feedback on eBay having access to Samsung seal stickers and replacing it on his/her own...

Any input on this? I'm just confused.. refurbished? Can't be right? Refurbished never comes resealed?
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So you bought from a company that only has 18 feedback, that was you're first mistake IMO but each to their own.
Are you sure there is even a phone in the box?

You need to check the contents because you only have a certain time frame in which to make a claim with paypal if the phone is not the model you thought you were buying, broken, not working or is an object of a similar weight.

I find it very strange that you are naive enough to buy an expensive item from someone with low feedback and not even check the contents of what you have bought and are giving it away as a gift!

Have you opened the box yet?
I hope this doesn't make you feel even worse but I have a samsung s4 mini, I don't like it. I previously had a HTC one but was due a change and went for something different, the s4 mini. It feels cheap and isn't as good as the HTC One.
Take a picture of the seals before opening or better yet video you opening the box, as if there is no phone you have video evidence of the sealed box being opened by you and then there is no way the seller can say you took the phone out of the box and then accused them of not sending it.

It is quite easy to get access to legit stickers from companies.
Okay, after taking a closer look; I can see that the seal under it is smaller than the original Samsung seal and there are outline showing. I can imagine a company covering this up if they used a wrong seal...

I bought one for myself and can confirm the unbroken seal is legit and the weight of the box is similar to mine (with everything in it of course).

@Mark2111 nah it is fine, this was a request from the missus. I would have waited for nexus 5. But the missus still prefers the S4 mini as she has went into a phoneshop to test it. I probably won't open it as her birthday is near; she likes opening her presents on her day lol.

@Mclovin9091 I'm not sure about how easy it is to get legit stickers as I tried to have a quick search on them on Google; but nothing came up. I can't imagine someone with 18 feedback to have that sort of wit to pull something off like this..

I have spoken to an eBay representative; they said opening this would not affect my credibility to file a claim for a refund etc and that I have 45 days from the purchased date to open one.

I will definitely take a picture of the double seal; and probably will bet on that this is hopefully not refurbished and not a used phone. I sort of have confidence in a way that only because the first seal was smaller than the original? Am I weird? lol

Either way; thank you for everyone's input on this and feel free to comment further etc
Several reasons why this may have happened:

Merchant put in or took out a sim card (box breakers)
Merchant had to check the goods inside and marry up IMEI numbers of phone to box etc
Merchant had to remove phone from box to unlock it
Possible Refurb?

Many authorised stockists do this and have access to genuine security seals. Just because the ebay seller only has 18 feedback they could be an established phone dealer who has just decided to use the ebay route. Have you checked out their business details on Google to see if they are legit and not a one man band operating from a bedroom which would then raise some concerns for me

It was from an upgrade (three network), I asked for a receipt and it stated he received this on the 2nd of September.. I received this a couple of days ago.. maybe Monday?

I feel slightly more reassured; but does phone companies like three do all them stuff that you just stated?

The guy was upset by my 'inferences', though anyone would be like this.. right? Or am I an ass? lol

Either way, we sort of solved this now; well semi-settled. I sent him a picture and explained why I felt insecure about the product; but he isn't taking it very well. I shall wait for the 18th and hope for the best.
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