2 Technics 1200, silver tops, anyone DJ's know how much should sell on fleabay for..?

    Hi you all,

    anyone know how much 2 Technics 1200, silver tops, (ones that click at 0 pitch) working sweet...!
    Yes they are bit old and normal wear (marks on tops - will try to get pictures)
    but every work sweet speed and sound.

    Any ideas would be great (orginally used by DJ tiesto, only joking)



    Have you tried looking at the completed listings on Ebay?

    Original Poster

    Looked but they are not finished to next week, have added to fav's to keep an eye on it. just looking to put them up this weekend.

    What Mk is it mate? Might be interested if your in the london area...
    Otherwise between 350-450 depending on age, usage and condition.

    are they 1080p?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that 4site...! added rep, in N.Ireland, thinking of collection only, check postoffice would be in the region of 50 quid to post (be cheaper to fly over and back)
    Mk 2 silve back, also NO Plastic lids, forgot to say..!

    Lids aren't usually a problem as their cheap. As long as it works fine you should move it. Check local prices in a newspaper or something.
    Gud Luck mate.


    I have a pair in flight cased in my loft. Both with lids. MK II's
    Purchased in about 1995, was posted to Singapore in Jan 1996 , ended up staying there 7+ years. Returned married in Jan 04 and not turned them on since, Done half a dozoen gigs before getting posted to Singapore.

    Have stanton and ortofon catrridges for both.

    I am in Baldock North Herts up the A1. Work in the City but 1200's a bit heavy to lug in on the train.

    Also have a Denon 2700f twin cd player
    Vestax mixer ( same as used by Louie vega at the time was over a £1000 new at the time) cant remember model number.

    Bose PA system. ( Someone broke into secure storage when I was in Singapore and stole my as new 302 bass bins, have the 802's still)

    Wondering what to do with my 10,000 12" singles.

    mmmmmmmmmm i could sell my hubbies technics on here and fingers crossed he wouldn't notice lol

    I used to do a bit of Djing

    The silver ones with the "click" at the Zero point is what people now arent wanting as when your mixing (i mean when both recors are playing out the speakers) that slight click bumps the pitch up more than what the "new" technics do,
    You can live with it tho and i know you will get a good price for them, what ones are they mark 2 or 5 ??

    If you can sell them with a good mixer and some records and good needles you might be able to bump the price up a bit more, altho without the clear protective cased lids its going to be hard to wrap up that arm so it doesnt get damaged.

    I would say each roughly about 250-300 for each deck depending on the age and condition,
    if they look like new and work a treat try for £280-300 per deck
    if they look used and worn but still play well and come with good needles (like concorde) then £230-250 per deck
    if they look like you just found them in a bin and trying to flog them with **** cheapo needles ask £180-200 per deck.

    hope that helps, good luck tho as i know people are turning there noses up at the click!
    it may sound nothing to you but to a budding dj its the annoying start of a **** mix! lol

    Original Poster

    Thanks Saxo, added REP>>!

    No probs !

    Keli, not my wife are you.
    Mine has been telling me for ages to sell them.
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