2 Tickets Thor 3d Braehead Glasgow Tonight

    2 free tickets to see thor tonight in braehead odeon at 6.30pm


    I would have them, but are they just a printout like?


    Me please Is it the IMAX version?

    Sorry first reply may have seemed short and ungrateful, just wanted to get in there first, lol!

    What i meant was i would appreciate the 2 tickets, if possible, as had missed out getting free tickets when were on offer.

    My next question was just to see if the tickets you had were in printout form, from somewhere like 'See Film First', or if it was 2 tickets you had bought and i'd have to meet you beforehand.

    Thannks again,


    Don't forget you id to get in, to show the tickets were issued to you.

    Yeah, but have a pal who works there, so wouldn't be an issue!

    Me 2


    Enjoyable movie.

    Original Poster

    Gone to R0N4LD, ill pm you m8

    Theyre an email so i can forward onto you

    Hi there,

    Sorry, was out for lunch, but just replied to your PM.

    Thanks alot for the tickets, and maybe one day can repay the goodwill!


    P.s. 'thegazman', if for any reason can't make it, PM me your email and i'd get them sent onto you, as next in line.

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