2 to 3 pin adaptor for toothbrush?

    Just received a pretty toothbrush today, and it needs charging but it is supplied with a 2 pin plug. I went and took my dads shaver adaptor and looked at the voltage on it, it is 250v whereas my toothbrush is 250v. Can the shaver adaptor be used or do I need to buy an adaptor that is 240v?

    And its bl0000dy freezing.


    my toothbrush goes to the same adaptor as shaver. I doubt that toothbrush charger could notice difference between 240v and 250v anyway. But don't take my word for it, consult some electrician if in doubt.

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    Cheers kommunist, ill just stick it in the shaver one.

    If you aren't charging in the bathroom, you can cut the 2 pin plug off and fit a standard 3 pin. More reliable than using a shaver adaptor.
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