2 workstation computers needed


    These will be for office so I dont need anything fancy. They'll both need to run a specific piece of software and the company recommends:

    OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 7 Windows XP
    PROCESSOR Intel Core2Duo 7000 series (or higher)
    - or -
    AMD Phenom II (or higher) Intel Dual-Core 5000 series
    - or -
    AMD Phenom 8000 series
    MEMORY 2 Gb (or more) 1 Gb
    SCREEN 1280 x 1024 resolution (or higher) 1024 x 768 resolution
    NETWORK 1000mbit (Gigabit) wired network 100mbit wired network

    Just copied and pasted that from a table so not sure how thats gonna look but hopefuly you'll be able to make it out.

    I was checking out the dell outlet site and some of the Inspiron laptops look like they'd do the job on paper and seem affordable. Are laptops a bad idea if they're going to be running pretty much all day everyday?

    Any tips, deals or advice would be greatly appreciated!



    In the computer environment a "workstation" is not the same as a normal PC.

    A workstation is normally used for high end techncial or scientific work, so a normal PC from the high street will not do.

    So I wonder if you do mean workstation or do you mean PC.

    If you tell us the software that may help.

    Description of a workstation here…ion
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