2 X first class stamps equivalent to large letter?

Posted 24th Sep
Hi, would 2 X first class stamps be equivalent to 1 large letter stamp?, I have 2 first class stamps at home but if I go out and buy a large letter stamp it would be a 10 mile round trip so cost more in fuel.
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Large letter starts at 83p; first class starts at 70p.
What weight is your large letter?
Check the price here

Do you have printer? You can purchase online if you do.
More than equivalent, but if you're wanting to save the fuel, it'll do.
It depends on the weight

You can check the price here


2 first class stamps will cover you up to a postage price of £1.40

So up to 250g could go second class for £1.30

Which should cover say a dvd or a game.

I’ve done it before as you said it’s cheaper than the fuel.
Yes it would be.

Once I sent a large letter with single 1st class and it was returned back to me luckily I had returned address on the reverse side.
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