2 year old 46' LCD Samsung TV no sound, where to get repaired?

Found 8th Oct 2010
My 2 year old Samsung out of blue stopped working, I can see the picture clearly but no sound.

I called local repair shop they quoted £270, is this normal?

Do I have any other options? Please let me know if you know any other place who can repair with out costing arm and leg :).

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I know this is obvious but have you tried turning TV off at the plug, leaving for 5 mins then switching back on. I have a Samsung and it will loose sound every few months for somereason
Thank you.

Yes I tried all sort of things, I switched it off, switched on from power several times.

I tried with various leads; I even bought new enhanced speakers, but no use :(.

I spent £1000 and now it is expensive brick :(.

Should have taken an insurance or break down cover, costly mistake.

I have another Panasonic 32', working like charm since 8 years, no issues.

Silly Samsung already screwed my laptop, bad buy.
another option could be to buy some speakers and simply plug them into the TV? as its probally just the tv speakers that are broken. Check what audio outputs you have on your tv first, or if you use say a sky box you can do it direct from sky box to new speakers .. this will proablly cost u less than having the tv repaired and you will have a better audio experience too!

I have a samsung and it has a Digital Audio Out, you can pick up a speaker system with digital input and simply connect it this way, I think it will cost you below £100.

Hope this helps

Whoops you already tried this I see! Silly me
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Some friends of mine have a picture problem with there 2 year old Daewoo , it's a mirror'd image on the lower half of the screen . No one seems to be able to fix that either . I've told them to crack the screen and claim on there household insurance , and when buying a new one DONT get a Daewoo.
What model is it?
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