2 year olds going to nursery

    Hi just wandered if anyone knew if 2 year olds were funded yet to go to nursery/pre school I know when they are 3 they get funded but someone mentioned today that 2 year olds are too now???


    It could be area specific, check your local council's website, or google NEG (nursery education grant). I live in Stockport, when I checked my council my LO would not get a funded place till January (he turned 3 on 11th September), he missed this September intake because he was 11 days overdue, had he been born on time he would be in now!

    Same for my daughter, she's now 3 but won't get the free hours until January

    I think they get three hrs free nursery education per day the first term after their third birthday, unless they altered it recently to be for younger kiddies too.... xx

    Check with your local Family Information Service x

    my daughter was 3 in september she starts her funded place in january where she is allowed 15 hrs a week , its not funded for under threes in our area ( staffs)

    there are some pilot schemes going on in some areas where 2 year olds can get funded places but it is only pilot schemes and its not everywhere. My DD only gets the 12.5 hours a week at moment but she turned 3 on 25th sep and i managed to get her in at a nursery that will take them the day after their 3rd birthday because they said the funding is available as soon as there 3 so they mite as well not have empty places.

    I was going to say a few people i know have kids 3 months older than my girl(she was 2 in june) that go to funded nursery but they are on benefits so dont know if that makes a difference x

    my friend got it early because she went through her health visitor n if you can convince them that they need to go to nursery for wateva reason.think she went down the road that it was depressing her beacause she couldnt cope with her all the time as she was a handfull.they will sumtimes give you the grant early.
    helps if ur a single parent i think.

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    thanks for your help everyone xxx rep'd xxx


    thanks for your help everyone xxx rep'd xxx

    you're welcome hun xxxx
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