20"-22" LCD/TFT Monitors around 175?

    Hi guys,

    I am searching for a best deal online for a Monitor. I ordered one via eBuyer and after 10 days it reached me with dead pixels. I have sent it back and got my refund after another 10 days. So 20 days were a mere waste buying from eBuyer. I went for HP L2405 20.1" monitor which had 30 pounds cash back offer.

    Now if someone could suggest me a good monitor for around 20 to 22 inches with some good deals or cash back offer. I would feel glad... also I was wondering if I should order HP Monitor again? 30 GBP Cash.. I hope thats good?

    Do let me know... I would use the monitor for multimedia applications (designing), watch lot of movies.. and very very little/rare gaming. Over all a decent monitor which gives a good performance. I am looking to spend around 150 to 175.. but need a reliable one.

    Kindly help me fine one! Cheers!


    Original Poster

    This one sounds good…tml ??? What do you thnink.. help me out people.. need one badly!

    That looks a good deal to me!


    That looks a good deal to me!

    Honestly that looks as a GREAT GREAT deal to me too...

    Try this one:…spx

    Lots of reviews and I can vouch for it as I bought one. Did have to upgrade my graphics card to get the required resolution.
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