20-24" monitor/tv or TVmonitor

    No sure how to pose this question so I will just blurt it out. I am no expert on this so would kindly request you guys tell me what I should get.

    My workplace has now changed our monitors to 24" and they are superb. But now I find the monitor at home is very small & would prefer to get a new one. The thought I had was could I combine a monitor with a flat screen TV, i.e. buy a flat screen TV & use it as a monitor or buy a monitor and use it as a TV (probably a stupid question but I don't understand these things anyway).

    It would mainly be used as monitor but I would like an option of being able to watch TV on it. Perhaps, you guys can suggest a better means of watching TV on my computer. I would also like to watch movies on it.

    Please fill in the gaps in my question where necessary. Thanks.

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    There you go, 23 inch and the best price I can find, even got HDMI in so you can connect it to your dvd player and freeview box so you can watch tv..…057
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