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Posted 24th Nov 2022
Given that Currys have some great Black Friday deals like the SONY BRAVIA XR55A80JU at £999, you could get 20% cashback (though note that topcashback says they exclude VAT and delivery) making it cheaper than anywhere else.

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    Topcashback shows Online purchase with voucher code as 1.21%, so seems unlikely that the £100 and 20% will stack
    Good spot!
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    Hey Everyone

    We can see a few of you mention about using the code to get £100 off in additon to cashback.

    While we are getting the voucher code checked to see if we can list this on our site, whilst this is being investigated please bear in mind that currently we are not in a position to confirm if this voucher can be used in addition to cashback so please keep this in mind when making a purchase through our site's cashback offers.

    Best wishes

    Please let us know if this gets added
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    Sadly this got moved to a discussion as it's not an 'opt-in' deal, which is a shame because I think a lot of people will now miss out on it. I can understand the reasoning as otherwise they'd get posted all the time (and if Topcashback gets the commission, HUKD doesn't), but to me this is a 'Black Friday Deal' because of the time-limited nature. Oh well.

    As this is simply a cashback rate/offer this has been moved to our Discussions section as cashback is not guaranteed.

    We allow cashback bonus threads on site (like an opt in bonus) but not just rates (which covers set % and £ cashback).
    Yes, fully agree and i am actually after a TV by tomorrow yet i came to the discussions forum for another matter entirely. I would have missed this otherwise. Thanks all the same OP.
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    Never used top cash back, does this mean I get 20% back in vouchers or in cash into my account, and does you always get the cash back?
    You get it back in cash into your account. It can take anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months for the cashback to become payable and it's not always guaranteed due to the way affiliations work.

    If you are going to use TCB, use a fresh browser you don't use for anything else, clear all search history and cookies then type in the site name yourself. This increases the chances of the cashback tracking and the affiliation not being attributed elsewhere. If the cashback doesn't track you can always start a missing cashback claim.
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    Hey Everyone

    You'll be thrilled to know that the the £100 off selected Tv's voucher code with Currys is eligible for the purchases made with voucher code offer of cashback

    Best wishes

    What about the £200 off voucher ? is it included also?
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    Assuming the cashback would track and pay, and using code vision100off, this means you could get the LG C2 48" for an effective price of £755.16 for collection. Pretty good deal considering it comes in black and has a 5 year warranty. The only downside is you can't use a finance option to pay.

    I'm pretty tempted to get this and then return the white one I bought from Amazon for £799. (edited)
    I don’t think you can use CODE and TCB together
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    Does it work with purchases made with a gift card?
    +1? Anyone know?
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    Has anyone who's done this actually had their purchase track yet ?

    I bought a TV last night and still nothing, I know it says it can take a while but in my experience if it doesn't track in the first couple of hours it probably never will.

    We would advise to allow seven days from purchasing for tracking and if you see no cashback track after this time please lodge a missing cashback claim as our team can go through the claims process to bring a resolution to you which we would see on average within 12 weeks

    Best wishes

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    Including items that are purchased using a price-match code?
    Bottom of Topcashback 'what else is essential' says:

    Cashback will not be eligible on price matched orders
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    ummm 20% off a £200 TV I'm looking at, or JLs 5 year warranty :/
    I'm pretty sure all Curry's TVs come with a 5 year warranty?
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    Oh why did you have to post this. Extremely tempted. I need to leave hotukdeals, it's getting expensive
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    Just ordered a new TV from Currys this morning, ticked me right off missing out on that.
    Just cancel it and reorder?
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    Thanks for this. Tempted to get the 55" LGC2 which is £1,099 but with about £200 cashback, quite a saving.
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    So I bought two phones yesterday through perks at work
    £600, so could I really have got £120 off
    If that is the case I am really kicking myself
    I wouldn't kick yourself too hard since this rate only applies to TVs.
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    Online purchase with a voucher code, 1.21
    Confirmed by Topcashback rep above, you can £100 voucher. Waiting for £200 to be confirmed.
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    What’s forward order £20 ?
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    also it's 20% ex VAT . which is a bit less than what you think it is. And without a discount code or price match - i found price match was more "certain" than topcashback.
    Yep, it’s 16.67% cashback effectively, adjusting for VAT
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    I guess if you have Perkbox or the likes I guess can you buy the Curry’s digital vouchers with a 6% saving. So a £1,000 TV would cost £940 in vouchers and then in theory TCB gives you 20% on the price ex. VAT = £166.67. Total saving = £226.67 or 22.7%. The vouchers are more risky if you want to return or if TCB doesn’t track though.
    I think it says in the Topcashback terms that gift cards can't be used (edited)
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    "All TVs
    This offer is only applicable for purchases made without using a voucher code.
    20% Cashback"

    I'm looking at buying the LG CS OLED55

    £950 full price. 20% cashback would make it £760


    Has anyone tried this?
    Unfortunately, 20% cashback on the non VAT rate actually makes it £798.
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    I am cancelling my order made 2 days ago and order again
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    Just purchased a few so lets see what happens.

    Cheers op.
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    Currys cancelled my order late last night. It was no small purchase. Speaking with their CS team, they cannot give a reason and even more peculiar is that there appears to be no audit trail of who cancelled it. Something awkward appears to have happened. (edited)
    Strange. What did you end up buying? And was it just using the 20% cashback?
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    Does this 20% cash back work for curry’s tvs if you buy through the finance option on curry’s website please?
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