20% cashback via ebay

Posted 24th Nov 2023 (Posted 6 h, 28 m ago)
Up to £100 maximum cashback per transaction. topcashback.co.uk/ebay/
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    Well spotted
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    Likely a stupid question to most (but me) so please be kind.

    Clicking through TCB opens the eBay app, are there any cookies settings in the app that I need to ensure are enabled in order to track the cashback accurately?

    Cheers in advance for any helpful responses
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    Interested in this also. I'd be surprised if it tracks that way, so probably better to do it on a PC.
  3. emmatthew's avatar
    51550934-hepTE.jpg£50 Max
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    I am confused now. Hopefully it will be clarified later
  4. Bensafc's avatar
    Should go hot
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    if u was able to vote yes lol
  5. reanna's avatar
    I spent £600 right before midnight paying for auctions
  6. JPS's avatar
    I went to post this deal at midnight and it was merged with this "discussion" - it should be a deal!

    20% back on all eBay purchases is INSANELY GOOD!
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    Can i buy eBay for 20% off? That would be a good deal.
  7. Ferris's avatar
    Spent £100 shortly before midnight
  8. davidian84's avatar

    Online Purchase
    Up to £100 maximum cashback per transaction.
    Exclusive OfferEnds in 24 Hours
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  10. JZY's avatar
    why is this in discussions when every Quidco offer is being posted?
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    10+ for Quidco
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  12. davidian84's avatar
    As this is simply a cashback rate/offer, this has been moved to our Discussions section as cashback is not guaranteed.

    Clearly the £5 off £30 things quidco does arent guaranteed, but they are deals for some reason
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    Quidco is pepper lol, thats why..
  13. Rayhaan_Patel's avatar
    Hi can you please respond fast I want to but smth and a 20% code is going to come tomorrow on eBay will i still get the cash back even tho I used another 20% off code

    Will I get the cash back? (edited)
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    if its ebay own code, you should be able to get cashback too. did you check T&Cs?
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    Check your payment method as there's a £5 off £15 spend offer knocking around (that HUKD won't let you specify).
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    ive been waiting to use this today plus ebay voucher code and TCB
  15. SimonF2's avatar
    Terms say A maximum of £50 cashback may be earned per transaction
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    It literally says up to £100 in the title though
  16. Muig1972's avatar
    Surely this should be a deal, not a discussion?
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    I know right ?
  17. JPS's avatar
    I went to post this deal at midnight and it was merged with this "discussion" - it should be a deal!

    20% back on all eBay purchases is INSANELY GOOD!
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    I was disappointed to see the inbox arrived from mods
  18. bomberman1's avatar
    Extremely good deal
  19. JPS's avatar
    Like.....I don't even understand how there is any profit in this for eBay/TCB? Giving money away....
  20. Bensafc's avatar
    Can anyone spot any esstentails on eBay that are already really good value to stock up?
  21. Bensafc's avatar
    Only one transaction or can you do multiple up to £100?

    For example 2x £250 purchases for £100 Cashback
  22. Bensafc's avatar
    Wonder if anyone will try and buy something for £500 (get max cashback on it of £100) then resell the item on eBay down the line
  23. KIRK_LAZARUS's avatar
    No mentions of nectar power hour between 12-1pm this year ??
  24. zibi-k's avatar
    Really good offer for TopCashback and EBay- just today

    Terms & Conditions
    What will stop me getting cashback?
    If anything from within a basket is unpaid or returned, the cashback for the whole basket will be declined.
    Cashback will not be paid on the purchases of eBay giftcards.
    If you use Nectar Points to pay for your purchase
    Purchases made on other sites than eBay's UK site are non commissionable and will receive 0% cashback
    To be eligible for cashback, only one payment method can be used per transaction.
    Payment of cashback will not be made on unpaid items with eBay, and persistent offending will result in termination of your TopCashback membership and forfeiture of all earnings.
    Using a promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
  25. Lightas's avatar
    I just bought something for £40 using an eBay 10% off code which was on there, I will see what happens when it tracks, hopefull that will happen when the seller confirms the sale. I was buying it anyway but will wait to buy anything else that I might not have got if it wasn't for the cashback. Heat added
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    Not sure it will work with other codes. The t&c's are not very transparent but they seem to imply it won't work if purchases are made using other offers/codes:

  26. bozo007's avatar
    This will go well with another cashback offer from a piece of plastic.

    Now, what should I buy that I don't need?
  27. bizzlebyron's avatar
    Just used this on the shopto xbox hot deal today - Cracking deal if all tracks, takes it under £300 (edited)
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