£20 dvd.co.uk voucher

i joined lovefilm so i could get the £20 voucher ffor dvd.co.uk but i've not got it even 30s after my lovefilm contract. i cancelled and wont use them again...

anyone else get the voucher??


I remember reading something about that voucher in the T&C's. Something like sent after 2 months if you don't cancel? Did you read them?

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nope i didn't read them.

The customer service was a heap of ****.

I rang up asking when id get the voucher and they must have clocked onto me wanting to leave (this was after waiting for 29 days for the voucher).

They kept me on the phone for a full 30 mins offering me ''amazing deals that you cannot refuse''... i bloody well will refuse them, you didn't keep your end of the bargain! (i didn't actually say that to them)

finally, they gave in after 30 mins of trying to keep me on their shoddy service. Perhaps if they:

1) Stuck to their offer and just give you the voucher
2) didn't swarm you with rubbish offers instead of answering your questions

then maybe i'd stay and they wouldn't keep bombarding me with ****.

grrr! angry!

sorry i went off on one then. I didn't read their t&c's, but i thought i saw it mentioned that some people alledgedly got their £20 voucher within ONE WEEK of joining up for lovefilm, so i thought it was instantanious

I read the t&c's and if i remember rightly you had to become a full member after the free trial

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its a bit ****. you'd probably spend £20 before you got the £20 voucher and it wouldn't seem worth it

It is if you were going to pay to be a member anyway.

I got my voucher after the 30 days, and cancelled my account 5 days before my trial ended, no probs.

Now about 45 days since I joined (and 15 since I cancelled) and no voucher.
Anyone else get theirs? And did anyone get anywhere by complaining?

not got mine yet, but i did sign up the 9th of april this month.
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