Posted 11th Dec 2022
Christmas isn't far away and every saving helps (Especially when you've got kids to buy for).

*Ends 31st December.
*Requires you to have not used Pick up points before
*May require a new account if your not eligible due to the above.

By taking advantage of two Amazon promotions which are running until 31st December you can get yourself £12 credit total.

First, top up your gift card balance by £60. Having done so wait 5-10 minutes for the balance to show by checking your gift card balance on the My Account section. You should find an extra £5 has been added to your account.

Next go to the 7 ways to unbox savings banner at the top of the page/app. Click this and navigate to 07 personalised promotions. Take advantage of the Amazon Hub Locker promotion, which gives you £7 off a £20+spend when collecting from a Hub Locker for the first time.

Combined this would give you £12 in credit. You don't need to spend the full £60 you used as top up but you do need to spend £20 on the one purchase to get the £7 credit for using a Hub locker.

Hope this helps if you're looking to buy for Christmas still.
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    i dont think the £5 is added to your balance. it is just applied at checkout automatically once you purchase an eligible product
    Mine went on balance
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    People shouldn't go ahead and do this assuming you will get it. Best to check your personal promotions page or check eligibility by clicking on a banner. You will see your eligibility first through these methods. Multiple discussions on these and other Amazon deals over the months and not everyone get them (even when they have not used pick up points before)
    Absolutely best to check the personal promotions page, you do need to apply the voucher/discount (click to activate it) it won't automatically apply unless you do this step so it's easy to miss out on these things.

    In a lot of cases, Amazon customer service can help if you miss a promotion you were eligible for but it's time consuming and much easier to follow the promotion page instead.
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    Hi all, I'd be greatfull if somebody could tell me how too you check your personal promotions on amazon? never heard of it, and i can't find it any place, clicking the banners on top doesn't tell me?
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    49019395-si8IS.jpgThe banner has disappeared for me but I searched Personal Promotions then had the little banner near the top saying "Discover your personalised promotions". Click this then scroll down to find promotions that you can use. There are more than the two I mentioned, I just thought they were useful when taken together.

    Give me a shout if you get stuck though! Happy to help.
    thank you
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