20" HD LCD HDMI SAMSUMG Pebble TV/Monitor

Hey, I would like to purchase this item, but I was wondering if anyone could find one which I can buy it for 200GBP including delivery?

Also, what do you think about this item: I want to use it as a monitor and for Xbox 360 and PS3 in the future. Or you have other ideas...

Samsung Pebble 20" SM2032MW HD Ready Widescreen LCD TV Monitor With Tuner And HDMI


I'm after this exact same TV aswel for simliar reasons. Cheapest I've seen it so far is £214.99 delivered @ ebuyer...


You can get the 19" version though for £189.99 delivered from ebuyer...


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Yes, I know I can get it at that price, but I was hoping for a cheaper price, as I missed out on the 10% on Play.com as it came down to around 205 delivered + I think around 1% at Quidco or others....

If you have any new informations please do tell me as I want the one with HDMI and can be used as TV and Monitor. THX

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Can anyone comment on this LCD TV/Monitor....as I am planning to purchase it....

i am also after the same sort of monitor so i searched all the places.
including all the top spec screens i got the following:

Amazon (free del)
22" £199
20" £163/£161.90 (2 choices)

Pixmania (£10 del)
19" £149
22" £199
20" £163

Ebuyer (free del)
20" £175/£169 (2choices)
22" £210

This was last week i checked all these...may of changed

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I have checked, they are all over 200GBP for the TV monitors as I want to use it for gaming consoles as well....

Thanks, but I guess just need some promotional code in order to get the price lower....

But is there any suggestions or comments whether this is a good product or not...

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