£20 off £40 spend *check emails* (likely account specific) @ Ebay

    A quick heads up, I have just received an email from eBay for £20 off when you spend £40 or more. I can confirm it works as I have just used it. check your emails guys and girls!!! expires 11/02/2017


    I don't seem to ever get any promo emails from eBay. They claim I'm signed up too. Strange.

    Thanks for the heads up nevertheless.

    so if you've used it then post it


    so if you've used it then post it

    account specific so i dont know why people keep on posting these.

    Nice if you got it but just the usual crappy Amazing deal just for you shabbird emails

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    account specific so i dont know why people keep on posting these.

    ​because they are not just going to send it to one account. I was just telling people to check their emails incase they have one and might have missed it. this is a community we like to help each other.

    Ok i'm sure people check their emails also thanks for the tip about helping each other with your 1 like and 37 posts i have been posting for 11yrs i know how it works and helped loads on here.

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    I didn't say you haven't helped, someone posted about an email coupon a few days ago and I hadn't seen it as it had been filtered into my junk box. if that person didn't post I would have missed it. I was just returning the favour. also why did you feel the need to put a negative comment? if you don't like it just scroll on by! it's not like the title is misleading or anything.

    I got a £10 voucher if I sell something but would rather have had your email.
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