20 signs youve watched too many British sitcoms growing up!

    20 signs youve watched too many British sitcoms growing up!

    1) You dont mention the war; you mentioned it once but think youve got away with it.
    2) Dont tell him your name, Pike is the funniest punch line ever written Ever!
    3) This time next year, youll be a millionaire.
    4) You say Im free whenever anyone asks if you are available.
    5) Sod the Playstation three; youve always wanted a Metal Mickey.
    6) In your minds eye, you know exactly what the house at Railway Cuttings in East Cheam looks like.
    7) You dont need subtitles when watching Rab C. Nesbitt.
    Your cunning plans are better than Baldricks
    9) Youve always thought that you are more like Terry Collier than Bob Ferris.
    10) You wonder what Tristram Fourmile is doing now.
    11) Your crush on Sally Abbott was only broken by Miss Brahms
    12) You was never confused, mind you, Its been a year.
    13) You have the highest post count on the forums.
    14) You maintain that Foggy was the definitive third man.
    15) At one point, all of your t-shirts had the slogan Smoke me a kipper ..
    16) The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies is kept under your bed.
    17) You wanted Terry Scott and June Whitfield to adopt you.
    18) Your political activism is confined to applying to join the Tooting Popular Front.
    19) Your school memories are confused with Fenn Street school.
    20) You stay awake at night wondering why Stan from On The Buses still lives with his mother.

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    god I can relate to a couple of them.. im showing my age :oops:
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