20" Widescreen TFT Monitor

Found 11th Jul 2006
Hi guys! I'm looking for a 20"+ TFT Widescreen monitor for as little as possible. The cheapest I can find is about £250.
I caught the deal with the Apple Cinema Display for £299 at the BT shop, but it's out of stock now...
Don't mind so much about the brand, as long as it's reputable. Any and all help would be appreciated.


[COLOR=navy]This[/COLOR] ][COLOR=blue]Acer AL2016WS[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]is £245.50p including delivery from Amazon.Co.UK[/COLOR]


[COLOR=navy]8ms response time, 600:1 contrast, looks pretty good too.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=navy]This[/COLOR] ][COLOR=blue]Acer AL2016WS[/COLOR] … [COLOR=navy]This[/COLOR] ][COLOR=blue]Acer AL2016WS[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]is £245.50p including delivery from Amazon.Co.UK[/COLOR]][COLOR=navy]8ms response time, 600:1 contrast, looks pretty good too.[/COLOR]

Add another £100 to that!

Our Price: £245.50


Ooops hehe I did it right on the front page :roll:

Thanks for pointing it out

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thanks guys! I'm just wondering if the 1" jump up from the Acer 19" widescreen ]also on Amazon is worth the £100 difference...?

£230.92 (including postage) ]here for the ViewSonic Graphic VG2021m (Black, Silver) 20" LCD Monitor from savastore.

Any Good?


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Thanks Jake! That's a good price, but I don't think it's a widescreen one....


Thanks Jake! That's a good price, but I don't think it's a widescreen … Thanks Jake! That's a good price, but I don't think it's a widescreen one....

Oh yeah, see what you mean.

The 19" Acer you found looks like incredibly good value!

I found the ]Acer AL2016ws (Silver) 20.1" LCD Monitor at technoworld.com slightly cheaper at £241.47 and a very nice looking Samsung Widescreen for 272 at ]]savastore.com


I also decided yesterday that I need* a 20 inch widescreen, so let me know how you get on and what you find. The Acer is the cheapest so far, but there are a few around the £270 mark. They all look to have suspiciously similar specs , so I wonder if there is only one manufacturer of 20.1in displays.

*Possibly I'll just go for a 19in Normal aspect instead.

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I'm still deliberating whether I will go for the 19" or 20". If 20", i'd go for this Philips one at ]eBuyer, simply because of Philips' 'Perfect Panel' guarentee, ensuring no dead pixels... Comes to £275 delivered.
But....if I buy the 19" i'll have an extra £100 to spend on the computer i'm also buying!
I'll sleep on it....!

You'll probably find that 20" monitors are using different matrices (not TN+ film ones) and got better resolution compared to 19".

Then it takes it back to the 20" Acer of which I got an important part of it's spec wrong :roll: Should have been: High contrast ratio of 800:1 not the 600:1

The Philips at eBuyer has a refresh rate of 75Htz at 1680 x 1050 resolution, but contrast is 600:1.

S-IPS is not bad at all

It is different kind of matrix - you are getting 16.7M colours and not interpolated 16.2M. Also, can you get 1680 x 1050 resolution on 19" ones?

Re: 19 v 20

£100 difference seems a lot but the 19" widescreens mostly seem to be 1440x900 - given that I'm already using a 17" at 1280x1024, to go for a 19" widescreen would mean that vertically speaking it's a retrograde step for me.

However, if I was going from a 15" CRT at 800 x 600 I'd probably be very happy :-D with 1440x900... for a while.:(

I'll try and post a list of sub-£300 screens later when I've done more research.

Another factor is the refresh rate. 19" seem to be mostly 60Htz at the highest recommended resolution. Where as the 20" are mostly 75Htz. I would think the 75Htz would be more beneficial in the long run...

The Dell 20" is down to around £285 now, worth considering


The Dell 20" is down to around £285 now, worth considering

If you buy through QuidCo.Com you can also earn 7% in cashback [worth about £14].

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that is actually VERY tempting....


The Dell 20" is down to around £285 now, worth considering

Yep, spent a couple of hours researching today, then got home to see that the Dell has dropped in price - I was hoping it might seeing as it is Dell Thursday.

It's got the best inputs for the price, plus it looks nice so I may be going for one later tonight...


I may be going for one later tonight...

:thumbsup: I went for the Dell in the end because of the inputs and 'cos I've worked with/for Dell in the past and have alway found their TFT monitors to be class unlike some of their other kit.

Here's the one's I found earlier - none had stand-out reviews so I could have gone for any really - possibly I might have gone for the Samsung but they aren't in stock at the moment and I can't find a review of one.

Prices may not include postage and Quidco is available with some of these.
[SIZE=2]Viewsonic VA2012 £237.68[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]ACER ET.L640C.002 £241.48[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Acer AL2016WS 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor £245.50[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Samsung SM205BW 20" Widescreen LCD Silver 6ms DVI Monitor £266.54[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2](Stock due in 2-5 days)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Philips 20" Philips Widescreen Silver DVI LCD TFT. £270.23[/SIZE]

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thanks jbp! thats really helpful.

i'm a few weeks away from actually needing one so will wait a little while - let us know how the dell turns out.

Ah, the eternal argument - need vs want.

A conflict I struggle with, each and every day. :lol:

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lol emma so do I, but being a student, the needs win and the wants take a back seat!

Has anyone bought one of these? I want to buy a 20" TFT, but am really undecided on which one, it's so difficult!

Can the Dell be wall mounted easily? I think that might be the tiebreaker...
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