200 free tickets to see Monkey the Opera...

Found 27th Oct 2008
Following SOLD OUT shows in Manchester, Paris and Covent Garden's Royal Opera House, 'Monkey: Journey to the West' returns to London in a tented theatre at the 02 on November 8.

'Monkey: Journey to the West' is directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, designed by Jamie Hewlett and has music composed by Damon Albarn. 200 free tickets to Monkey, the Opera

Tuesday November 11
6:30pm start

The O2
SE10 0DX
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For your chance of winning a free pair of tickets to the show on Tuesday November 11 at 6.30pm, simply apply below.
This should be in [COLOR="DarkRed"]competitions[/COLOR] forum really. I've applied though
Saw this in Manchester last year, really enjoyed it. Should be in Competitions though really!
Nice one!

Thank you
Thanks, entered. H&R added.
For information, Monkey: Journey to the West (also available as an album, the soundtrack of the opera I suppose) is the new brainchild of Damon Albarn (Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl), the founders of Gorillaz (the style should look and sound familiar to you). You actually had a teaser a while ago with the BBC's trailer for the Olympics.

It's originally based on an 16-century Chinese novel, and if you're curious about how that came about, check the article on: ]Wikipedia.

9 degrees of heat from me!
**hopes he gets a pair...**
Moved to competitions.
Some really good tunes and singing. I saw this when it was at the royal opera house and Damon made a cameo!
thank you
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