£200 netbook

    Looking for a 10" netbook running on xp for below £220 (maximum)
    Also need quite a long battery life 4+ hours.
    Any suggestions

    Also need a VGA or HDMI video output, So compaq mini is a no-go



    Sorry to say you wont ever find a HDMI output for £220 and below in the current netbook market, i think you'll find it hard to even find anything past a 3cell battery, which means 2-3hours of use

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    I have just found this netbook, 10", win XP, with 4 hours battery and vga.
    has anybody had any experience with it.…id=


    you failed to give the name and link to the book lol

    Hi mungylee what abiut these ones? Ebay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:thumbsup:

    Dell mini 10 appears to have HDMI out?

    Grade A refurbished (i.e. perfectly fine) for just about your budget. Not too sure about battery.


    Just wait until you have saved up £350. Then the world of netbooks/laptops etc. will be your oyster.

    its not actually, im planning to invest somewhere around the 350 mark, for a very nice samsung n110 which has an amazing 9hr battery!


    Completely stupid to spend that much on a netbook though.

    Why is it stupid to spend £300-£350 pounds on a netbook? That's how much decent ones cost.

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    thanks guys, the one i found is sold out for home delivery anyway.
    £220-230 is the maximum so £350 is a bit too much for me

    i am thinking between…/0/


    Does anybody know the battery life of the dell mini 10??

    Also what does refurbished mean exactly. Broken and then fixed?? Ex-display??

    cheers for the help

    Heres another one mungylee its brand new.ebay 110422342796 .

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    don't really want to buy from ebay, incase i need to take it back


    I love my aspire one, cost £162, 1.6ghz atom, 160gb hdd, 1gb ram.

    If the OP is happy with that, brand new from Banbury market £111.

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    cannot find an acer aspire with xp and 10" screen for that price
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