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£200 Shared Switching Incentive From Nationwide ** Pls DO NOT offer / request referrals **

Posted 9th Jul 2015
Just seen whilst logging out of my internet banking that Nationwide have increased the value of their 'Recommend A Friend' switching incentive by 100% to £200 total value in July! But the best bit is that you can recommend 10 friends to get £1000 back from them! Boom!

Anyone thinking of switching to Nationwide might want to ask around to see if any of their friends/family can put in a recommendation to get £100 for them plus £100 for the person who is switching. It's pretty much free money for doing something you were going to do anyway!

According to their site, the recommender needs to enter a few details about themselves and the friend looking to switch before the end of July here: nationwide.co.uk/pro…end

The recommended person then needs to open an account (although this looks optional - so it can be an existing account) and complete a full account switch with a minimum of 2 Direct Debits by the end of August.

I've just recommended everyone and their dogs in the hope that at least 10 of them complete switches in time!
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