2002 Toyota Corolla help

    I have a 2002 toyota corolla 1.6 which vibrates when idle once the engine has warmed up. If the engine is cold and been sat for a while the vibration isnt present untill the engine has been driven and warmed up. Toyota have had the car for a day and thought it might be a faulty intake manifold but that couldnt explain the vibrating when idle only when warm, they thought it would vibrate cold or warm. Once you start to drive the vibration disapears completely. Any ideas would be great.

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    my friend had a similar problem in her corolla, she had a new engine under warranty as you cant get to the part in the engine and a mechanic told her a particular year of corollas have an engine fault which is known about by toyota , might be worth digging a bit deeper , she was fobbed off several times and then was told theyd replace the engine , hopefully your problem isnt as bad
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