2006 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI possible turbo issue or injectors? Please help

Posted 1st Jul 2017
Hi, I took a trip to bridgend which is 15 miles away, everything was fine and regular yearly service with 8k low ash oil change.
Its done 150k and been a champ, but when I was going home, about 5miles away I noticed that 3rd and 4th was not giving me any power but still driving fine.

Usually the car gave me tones of power on 3d and 4th and left other cars in the dust with the turbo, I dont drive it hard, but lots of city driving.
Anyway, I have no warning lights and will drive fine, but when the turbo wants to kick in I get no power, and if I put my foot down it gives a engine stutter which basically is telling me to stop and lay off the turbo as it feels like something is starving in the engine. (Which has a oil change with ford low DFP 5000miles ago)
My guy cant look at it until tuesday and have no other way of getting to work as I live no where near a train or bus stop, so he told me to take it easy and make sure I dont go above 3000rpm so the turbo does not kick in.
He seems to think it could be the turbo, but online are saying it maybe the injectors.
He said if its the turbo the car is scrap as you need to clean the whole engine/Lines as it gets coked up and need to replace all the lines or new engine and its not worth it for a 56 2.0 focus.
if I am having performance issues and the turbo is about to go, I would have thought there would be warning lights on my car?
Like I said, the car starts fine and drives ok, but no power on the turbo.
I dont have any DPF Issues as I drive quite a bit and the engine always gets nice and hot and I make sure I run it at higher RPM than I would a petrol because of the DPF. Also once every petrol fill I slam it in 4th 4000rpm and for about a mile I make sure it burns off all the garbage from my DPF.

The car had a full ford service up until 120,000miles, but now I just do a oil change and on the MOT make sure all the fluids ect are done.

Whats your thoughts, a turbo failure about to happen, or a clogged up injector?

If its a turbo, my guy says to scrap it because if he puts a new turbo in at about 300 - 400 it will fail again in a month or two due to the garage in the system which will clog it up again.
Love my car, and cant afford another as I am moving and need to spend 3500 on fees ect, but worried about driving 60 miles until tuesday before he can look at it.

Any suggestions would be useful if you know the Turbo TD engines.

Thanks all
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