200g Bag of Ms Molly's Midget Gems 0.29p @ Tesco in-store.



I'm not hugely keen on the Tesco Value Midget Gems (assume that's what these are, as Ms Molly is its rebrand).

They have a weird, almost "oily" texture to them and there's not much flavour difference between the colours. Others may like them but they definitely taste cheap.
They gone up. They used to be 19p
Good to point this out, but these have been 29p in my Tesco Extra for over a year.
Cheap but pretty flavorless
I've had some MsMolly stuff, a few deserts and they were excellent for the price but detest these type of sweets anyway so couldn't say if they are good or bad. Hoping to see some MsMolly toffees at some point, used to love the Tesco everyday value toffees but they have been gone a good while now. Had a MsMolly 100g milk chocolate bar for 30p and that was very nice but I believe pretty much the same chocolate is available for 30p from quite a few shops and some charge a little bit more but they all seem very similar. I believe they are made in France.

Looks like they have bought back the Tesco Everyday value flapjack under the ms molly brand, always very nice.

Most of it is great value except the Apple crumble which seems a bit expensive at £2.

Haven't tried many Tesco Value/Ms Molly items but the Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake (all of 65p!) is worth buying
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