200gb sims on ebay - where are they sourcing them from ?

    200gb sims on ebay - where are they sourcing them from ?…751?hash=item33bfefd02f:g:qPkAAOSwAuZX6~-k…461?hash=item3ace1121ed:g:h6sAAOSwCGVX79RK


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    that offer ended months ago though

    these 2 sellers appear to have an unlimited number of sims so it cant be that offer

    these 2 sellers have very low numbers of feedback, mainly for buying, they have also gave feedback to each other, I would stay well clear.

    I think they simply managed to get hold of dozens of the 200GB sims last Christmas and then topped them up with £10 to get the data, and then wait. It turned out to be possible to extend the life of the 200GB beyond six months by adding an extra £5 credit. So the data would still work up until January 2017.

    Incidentally, the same eBay sellers are also offering 10GB ee sims for under a tenner. Bought 2 last week, both came with £10 credit on the sim and the free data lasts for a month. So not a rip off, although they are obviously making a profit.
    Any ideas where these are coming from? They are also probably the remnants of a long ago offer, but the ones I received had benn topped up with £10 credit the day before I received them, not topped up months ago. Curious.

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    if you look at the second picture on this auction…557

    Hes written on it 'MYEE100 to 150' - obviously the text to send
    ( Ive tried texting that message on an old 100gb SIM but its not recognised )

    So there was some new promo SIM available distinct from the other offers

    If you read this auction it appears theres was some sort of 'event' where these SIMs were handed out…320

    With luck this might mean a new offer to the general public at xmas
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