200mbit homeplug advice please


    I'm after some homeplugs to stream high def movies to my new HTPC now I also have an xbox and a wii and my laptop which I could plug in behind the telly.

    I've seen some homeplugs with 4 port switches in but are these all compatible with any 200 mbit homeplugs?

    I think what I'm going to get is :-

    1 homeplug for my router
    1 homeplug for my desktop in the attic
    1 4 port homeplug thing for behind the telly

    Any reccomendations of where to buy them from or certain brands - I was looking at the devolo ones but I don't know if they do the 4 port ones too?

    I also have old wiring and an old fusebox (the type where you have to wrap fuse wire round the thingy when it blows not just replace the fuse) Is this likely to cause a problem - it's putting me off buying them online in case they don't work but they are expensive on the high street still & thats when I can find anywhere with any in stock!


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    only way you will find out if the wiring is up to the job is to test it with some.
    if you have an htpc use that for the storage and download directly on to it so streaming to xbox etc is done in same room.
    if the 4 port homeplug (or powerline as they are now called) is expensive just use two standard plugs and buy a 5port ethernet switch for one end.
    try here, decent range…433
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