200mm LENS for D40X

Just purchased a Nikon D40X using the new Currys voucher.
Looking for a BIG ONE , lens that is!
ANyone have any suggestions for a good quality, well priced lens 200mm?


a 200mm prime lens isn't going to be cheap - the nikon 55-200mm vr lens can be had for about £150 on ebay and was brought out to compliment the D40x.

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Thanks I have found it and bid on it!

In the same boat for a Nikon D50. Weighing up Sigma vs Tamron vs Nikon. I have seen a cheap lens with good write-ups for around £80 from Nikon (not 100% metal) but then if you drop any lens, you'll probably break it!

As someone told me, take your camera to a decent shop, or Jessops, and try out their lenses.

I'm not sure (and I'll have to check next time I go into store), but in the latest Currys Imaging brochure they had a 55-200mm lens for the Nikon which was £180, but only £130 when bought with the camera. If you get the right person in store and show them your reciept they might let get the lens for the cheaper price.

Actually looking around, if you just want cheap and big this 70-300mm @ £75 looks to fit the bill. cameraking.co.uk/Vie…309

Not sure how good it would be though, but worth investigating surely.

See also [url]www.camerapricebuster.co.uk[/url]
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