2016-2018 Leaf and a 200 mile journey to family - stupid or feasible?

Posted 11th Jun 2021
We have a max £10k budget for our next car.

As a family the vast majority of our daily mileage is <20 miles, and I am leaning heavily towards an EV like a Leaf.

But, some close family live 200 miles away, and we visit them probably 2-3 times a year, meaning with a 2016-2018 Leaf I'm relying on finding public charging in three different locations on the way there, and then again on the way back. All of which need to be working!

Is it just unrealistic to expect I can find three separate public chargers on the way, without taking huge detours (adding another 30 mins on to the 5h journey would be OK, but otherwise it starts to get a bit ridiculous)?

If I stick to just InstaVolt and Osprey chargers, should I be fine?

I'm aware I could just hire an ICE when we need to do this long journey, but I want to get views on whether this is a sensible journey to try in the Leaf.
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