2,018 FREE one-year Tastecards giveaway (norm £80)

Found 10th Jan 2018
If you're a foodie, sign up via this Tastecard page before 11.59pm on Mon 15 Jan and you'll be entered into a random ballot where 2,018 people will be given a totally free one-year membership (full price £79.99, though it's often discounted). No one's a loser with this as those who don't get picked for the year's card will be given a free one-month membership instead.

You don't need to give your bank details, so after one month or one year (depending on which one you get) the card just expires, meaning there'll be no auto-renewal.

This offer's valid whether you've had a free trial or signed up for a subscription before or not - though only one's allowed per household, so if you share a home you may need to race to get one. When applying make sure you click 'find my address' and select your full postal address.

Community Updates
@zrahim Thanks for sharing. Have moved this to Comps as

Please note any new competition entrants not lucky enough to win a 12 month card will still be sent a FREE 1 month membership.
Thanks zrahim, I was one of the 2018 lucky peeps ;)!
ji29zard6 m ago

Thanks zrahim, I was one of the 2018 lucky peeps ;)!

ahh lucky you! they gave me a 1 month card I wasn't so lucky
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