205 pounds worths of amazon gift voucher balance, what to do :S??

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Found 21st Jun 2008
I need some ideas people.
don't ask me how i got these vouchers, but anyways,
i've claimed many over the past several months,
so now i have a gift voucher balance of 205 pounds,

the earliest one will expire in november so i have time,
but i don't know how i can liquidate this amount

there's absolutely nothing i need to buy from amazon, but i don't want to waste the money on reckless spending, but i can't sell off a balance to someone else either cuz you can't buy gift vouchers with that balance.

any ideas?


give them to me

Give them all to me!

I could have it


don't ask me how i got these vouchers

How'd you get them?

someone other day was buying things like new nintendo ds lites and then flogging them as you get about 80-90% of ya money back . So maybe buy a few desirable items on there or buy pressies for friends/family xmas only about 27 weeks away lol

I'd get christmas presents out of them, only 6 months to go!!! :santa::gift:


How'd you get them?

I think they have created 100 accounts on here to get the vouchers :thumbsup:

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I think they have created 100 accounts on here to get the vouchers … I think they have created 100 accounts on here to get the vouchers :thumbsup:

lol, obviously i wouldn't do that (or would i!!??)

I got the vouchers as means of cashback from various poker site deals etc. i won't get into detail.

but anyway, with regards to buying item on amazon that someone from HUKD wanted to buy and asking for 80~90% of price, what would be the best idea to go about this?

i've never utilized the for sale/trade forum here so i'm not sure,
would I get the item delivered directly to the person from amazon, or delivered to me first and then to the person (extra postage cost?), also, how would i get paid from the person / reliability?

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oops, i guess that last comment sounded abit funny
if anythings anything, i guess it's wether i'm reliable or not since i only have 9 posts so far!

buy something worth £205 on amazon

oh another idea! wait and find more amazon price errors!
if you have kids how about buying lots of presents for their friends (like when their friends have birthdays) "present box" stylee, or a nice present for your OH (if you have one of those too!) - if not i'm always here to be spoilt.
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