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Found 6th Sep 2007
I currently use my k750i which sound quality wise is great, but everything else about it is pretty naff from an mp3 player point of view, everything has to be done via playlists and the profile setup is absolutely awful, so...

I'm looking for a new MP3 player, preferably one that's around 30GB although 20GB would be jsut fine too. I use Foobar as my media player so I've no bias towards iTunes/iPods or wahtever but certainly wouldn't rule it out of I could get a good deal on one.

Not fussed on video playback either, just want something that'll play songs and has a nice easy to use interface!

Many thanks
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how much you looking to spend?
As little as possible! ^_^
To be honest, if I can get a decent phone that'll play the songs too I'd be open to buying one of those as well, on Orange...
Well, I had a 20Gb iriver h320 and then bought a 30gb ipod video. I intended to sell the iriver but it in several ways it is better than the ipod so I've kept it. I probably use them 50/50. I'd reccomend either although I prefer the iriver. It's discontinued now though so you'd have to go to ebay for a used one, but they last well. I find itunes a pain, and much prefer the mass storage device approach of the iriver which allows more freedom to arrange things how you want and is much easier to update as itunes can't monitor directories to see when you've added some new music.

I've heard the Creative's are fairly good, and the Archos's too.
Awesome, many thanks; is the Archos any good?

Do you think at any point I'll be able to get an iPod 20GB/30GB for close to £100 or am I being massively optimistic?
Think I'm decided now on an iPod, is it very likely I'll be able to get one for sub £120?
hi i have an apple ipod 30 gb white and i am a uk verified pay pal seller leave me your offer?

New or used?
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