21"-25" TV or Monitor?

Found 3rd Oct 2010
I'm thinking of getting a smallish display to use with my laptop/xbox 360. My budget is around £150.

At first I was thinking of getting an LCD TV around 23" to use for playing xbox and watching HD content through my laptop via hdmi but after research it looks like you can get much higher spec LCD/LED monitors for the same price. Sound isn't an issue to me as I'll be using headphones/laptop speakers.

Is it better to get a monitor or should I stick with getting a tv? I'll only be using it for those things mentioned above, nothing else. All I need is at least 1 HDMI port and a high screen resolution.

Is this any good? amazon.co.uk/LG-…HBE
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I've just ordered this for myself, should be good for what you need clicky...
Thanks! What advantages does it have compared to the LG I posted other than the screen size?
Would it be worth losing an extra 2inch of screen size to get a much higher contrast ratio and LED screen?
Bigfoot100's deal would be good for you, i got a similar set up, but with a Dell monitor they have no cheap deals at the moment tho. I would definitely extra 2 inches over the contract ratio.
Hmm I might just go for the BenQ, it seems to have a lot of good reviews in a few places

Is there anything else I could consider also?

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