21 Brit Trips points up for grabs

    Hi everyone - i've got another 21 points code up for grabs.

    If you want it - leave a quick message as to why you should have it; The winner gets it by PM. I'd rather give it to a long-standing member of the site - the last time I offered up some codes, I was badgered for weeks by people who'd only joined to beg for Brit Trips codes!

    So - I'll repeat:

    There's only 1 code - and i'll give it away to whoever I feel deserves it most - probably by midnight tonight and when It's gone, it's gone and I'll post and say so!


    i will have it if you want...

    wanna get a feww to go up THrope Park or something with a groupp of people.


    Has this already gone? We are collecting them for our local (small!) school to try & get enough for a raffle prize for the Summer Fair in June, so I would be very pleased to get it (the PTA is a registered charity - no 1092684).

    Original Poster

    Well i've got to say - I thought there'd be more interest in this!!

    not long to go now

    Original Poster

    Ok it's gone - thanks for your interest - and sorry only one of you could get it!
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