21 day hold

    Im sure by now you've already guessed that this is a paypal related question.
    well i recently had my received payments withheld for 21 days and ive been a member now for 6 months and my feedback is only 70 positive and no i haven't sold anything illegal and i would like to know how long this is going to go on for ? Is it until ive received a certain set amount of positives ?


    have you used the account recently? i had this but I was a brand new member and when I got my first few positives it started going through fine

    I am a verified member of Paypal, have been for over 4 years, eBay feedback is over 350 (100 positive)and I have an active account, yet they did it to me a few months ago. I think sometimes they just chose accounts/transactions at random! God knows?

    They done this to me too.... They said that I needed the person to leave feedback before they released the money!!

    How can I avoid having my payments held for eBay items?
    Question :
    Answer :

    There are some things you can do to avoid a payment hold:
    Improve your Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) feedback rating
    Follow the PayPal best practices to reduce buyer disputes, claims and chargebacks
    Resolve all disputes, claims and chargebacks quickly
    If you meet the following, you'll receive payments instantly in most cases:
    You have been an eBay member for six months or more, AND
    Your eBay feedback score is 100 or greater
    Your buyer dissatisfaction rate is less than 5%.
    Your Detailed Seller Rating is 4.5 or more.
    Your total Detailed Seller Ratings received is more than 20 in the last 12 months.
    Your buyer dissatisfaction rate is less than 5%.
    These requirements are per individual eBay account. If you don't meet this criteria yet, we recommend that you implement best practices to reduce buyer disputes, claims and chargebacks.
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