2.1 Speakers for PS3 & 360

    The speakers on my Samsung are not that great. anyone know any good speaker that will work with PS3 & 360.



    These are good and supposed to work with consoles as well as a PC:…tml

    Got mine from Comet for £29.99 ages ago. Amazon do good deals on them sometime but they're out of stock right now. Maybe they've been replaced with a new model...?

    get some x540 speakers(very decent)

    I have the same issue - but I attached some Logitech PC speakers up (RCA) and the TV volume on the remote didn't control the speaker level.
    As in - the volume bar on the TV went down to 0 but the speakers remained at the same volume.
    So Im guessing I need something with a remote - any ideas?

    I have a Samsung 37'' LE37B550

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    how do they connect to the PS3 via optical out


    how do they connect to the PS3 via optical out

    You need a decoder/amp for that or a digital speaker package eg a 5.1 setup

    I have JBL Spots that I used an elaborate set up to connect to my PS3...Then I realised I could just connect them to my TV via headphone sockets, so I just do that now! They're only cheap 2.1's don't need any fancy optical out connections imo...What's more I get more use out of the speakers now instead of only when I used to turne on the PS3.…fs1

    check these out i got em and there fantastic
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